Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sweet Insomnia!

Ah, the madness of my sleep-deprived sub-conscious...

Last Night's Brain: Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey....
Me: Whaaaaat? I'm sleeping.
LNB: No no've forgotten something.
Me: What? What did I forget?
LNB: I can't remember. You figure it out. It was important.
Me: Aaaaaaaaaaa...
LNB: Oh wait, never mind. I just imagined it.
Me: Zzzzzzz...
LNB: OMG! You're out of coffee! You used the last of it! Now You'll never have coffee again! EVER.
Me: Aaaaaaaa.... wait - there's plenty of coffee.
LNB: Oh. Yeah. Okay.
(mid morning the next day)
Me: Wait - I don't even DRINK coffee...

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