Thursday, April 18, 2013

High Heels And High Winds

Ah, job interviews. I'd forgotten how much fun they were. Granted, I am grateful beyond measure that I got one. Astounded, actually, that I got a hit on my resume within 24 hours. (I don't need to tell anyone how unlikely that is in this economy.) Nevertheless, they all have their moments of well, swellness.

My resume was current, because I'd been in the habit of pulling it out and polishing it up every time I was mad at my coworkers. Consequently, I have several versions from which to choose. My cover letter, thanks to Google, was easy to draft and customize from the many, many, many templates available on the internet. The trick was to make it sound original without being offensive. And for me, that's trickier than it sounds.

So, with my paperwork in order, I was now free to freak out about the impending interview process. Which I did, quickly and quietly, kneeling, with my eyes closed and my hands clasped.

The morning of my interview started out well enough, until I opened my closet. The last ten years of my life was spent working in a "business casual" environment. I can't remember the last time I donned a skirt and heels, but it must have been a few years, at least. As I slid into the straight skirt I'd had in mind, I realized that this might be more of a challenge than I had anticipated. The skirt, no doubt, was wondering what I'd done with its previous owner. I was wondering the same thing myself. Although I was able to zip myself in without injury to myself OR the skirt, my common sense asserted that this look could result in the wrong type of offer.

Determined, I instead chose a more forgiving option that was a bit longer and considerably looser. I gave myself a quick once over and once satisfied, confidently stepped out the door, straight into the windiest morning in the history of mornings. I remembered at that point why I was partial to slacks. I recalled the last time I wore this skirt in this kind of wind. Years ago, as I was leaving work, a gust of wind caught me off guard in the parking lot and basically shucked me like an ear of corn. Nobody was from work was around, but the construction workers across the street seemed to appreciate it. Oh well, at least there's that.

I made it to my appointment and through the interview without any incident. I was relieved to get home and change my clothes. I swear, if these skirts had eyes the would be rolling them at me in disgust right now. So, I predict there is an appointment with the stationary bike this afternoon. That is, unless the jar of homemade gumdrops in the kitchen has anything to say about it.

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