Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sugar Rush

Unemployment has its perks. At the moment, at least. This unexpected bit of free time has resulted in an abundance of high calorie deliciousness. And, much to my sister’s chagrin, two more items to add to my “I can MAKE that” list.

Last week, I pulled out the beautiful pressure cooker that my husband bought me, and pounded out 4 ½ pints of blueberry jam.  Recipe here. Luckily, there was just enough left over for testing. Extensive testing, conducted by Hapnueby and myself. Four out of the five jars are reserved for gifts, so if we want any more, (and I have declared that we WILL), I’ll have to repeat this project. Probably more than once, you know, just to be sure.

As if that wasn’t enough, the next day I was compelled to make gumdrops. I hold Pinterest entirely responsible for that. I found the recipe on this site. Sort of messy, definitely delicious. If you are inclined to try, I highly recommend using the cheap 3x4 foil bread pans from the grocery store, sprayed liberally with cooking spray. Your life will be so much easier.
This burst of productivity has spilled over into this week, in which I plan to refine my newly-found recipe for English Muffin Bread. Or perhaps I might crochet hats instead. Turns out, I’m running a little low on sugar.

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