Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Grumpy Cat, Part 2

Grumpy cat project is progressing nicely. Hat 1.0 came out better than expected, considering the color changes involved. I was able to get the angles right on the muzzle with the strategic placement of increase/decrease stitches. Good to know.

Alas, I had a PLETHORA of ends to weave in afterwards. We’ll deal with that issue on the next hat.

The eyes came together fairly quickly, until I got to the pupil, which I embroidered. The frown as well had to be pulled out and re-stitched twice. Embroidery is extremely tricky on crochet stitches, but there will be plenty of practice in the days ahead, I am sure.

I whipped up a couple ears, brown on the back and tan on the front and tacked those on. Voila!

After finishing the entire hat, I have decided I need to re-work the design of the ears and the nose so that they will have a more feline silhouette. I also want to try changing the top of the head to the lighter color to better match the original “Grumpy Cat”.
So I’ve got a bit of work ahead of me. Until next time!

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