Monday, May 20, 2013

Grumpy Cat Project, Part 1

Thank God there are a million and one distractions around here, otherwise I might succumb to panic due to the lack of response on my resume. I needed an excuse to get out of the house. I wanted to take note of some of the businesses in the area, (which I intend to research later). So I took a short trip to The Home Depot to pick up a couple of inexpensive coated metal plant supports in the hopes of keeping the cukes and the zukes from crawling across my lawn. Mission accomplished.

My big project, however, will be working on the final draft of the Grumpy Cat hat. Thanks to a recent success on my Etsy site, I was inspired to design and create more silly hats. Facebook and Pinterest were instrumental in deciding on a subject matter. Google was a perfect resource for images.

Thanks to Mr. Nick’s commercial art class in high school, I was able to apply my “basic shapes” knowledge and come up with a rough sketch.  Then, with some basic math skills and my handy calculator, I was able to work out a scale drawing for the details of the hat. And Mom thought I wasn’t paying attention in class…

For my color study, I opted to use some colored felt that I had on hand (and that miraculously fit my color palette to a T). I discovered that felt cut-outs are quicker and more forgiving than a furious coloring session with colored pencils. I carefully laid out the components to my liking. Once I stopped giggling at the results, I selected the yarn colors to match. And if you’ve seen my yarn collection it shouldn’t surprise you that I had all the colors in inventory.

Next episode – I work out the logistics for the stitches (and color changes) for the muzzle, as well as the eyes and ears. Stay tuned!

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